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No.1 Prostyle-catfight movie in the world. Korean Irongirl Match official home page


Celebrity Wrestle vol.1


The first challenge of Korean famous and beatiful model !
New series to select the Korean Irongirl
The Pilot movie, before catfight TV programs, the first in Korea!

Ms.Lee bom-e, famous race queen in Korea,
and Hong, Ye-jin, gorgeous rookie commercial model
Both two beautiful model challenge to wrestle each other in ring!

Their first challenge in
Prowrestling match, the grapling match of 5 count pin - 5 set rule
And the high quality picture book, as well as the graphic novel
The hot wrestling of the beaty in various format.
4in1 are now available!!
You can predict the new face of Korean Irongirl series,
the masterpiece you will regret if you miss it.

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Download Clip - 한글CelebrityWrestleVol.1
  • Length : 65 mins
  • Price : $18.00 US


Download Clip - (EN)Celebrity Wrestle vol.1
(EN)Celebrity Wrestle vol.1
  • Length : 65 mins
  • Price : $18.00 US



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